Our organization and endorsement of the Chapter and Code

Tekst przesłany 30.12.2005 do Komisji Europejskiej 2006-01-01


Our organization and endorsement of the Chapter and Code:

Our organization, Independent Academic Forum, groups Polish researchers working in Poland and abroad. It was the first academic body in Poland to dissipate information about the Charter and Code (C&C) on its internet site (www.nfa.pl) and which strongly recommended implementation of C&C guidelines in the country (March 19, 2005; http://www.nfa.pl/articles.php?id=73).

We emphasized that, in accordance with C&C, the following principles of good practice should be urgently implemented to improve the academic environment at Polish research institutions, universities, and colleges: wide access to research results for internal and external scrutiny;introduction of transparent evaluation/appraisal systems for assessing professional performance of researchers; establishment of open and fair, transparent and non-discriminatory recruitment procedures; transparency in allocation of research funds; responsibility of academic employers for providing employees with opportunities for professional development; stimulating mobility and recognizing it as a valuable asset when employing, evaluating, or awarding researchers; an option for an appeal in all matters pertaining to employment and allocation of research funds; availability of an impartial ombudsman, capable of providing assistance in resolving work-related conflicts.




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